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Nairobi giraffe center

Nairobi Wildlife Experiences – Elepha...

Nov 19, 2017No Comments

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and is the main travel, business, diplomatic and cultural hub for Eastern Africa. It is also known as United

african elephants

African elephants – Tarangire Nationa...

Jul 07, 2017No Comments

Tarangire National Park covers an area of 2,850 square kilometers which places it as the sixth largest national park in Tanzania. The park is famous

kenya migration

Wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara

Mar 08, 2017No Comments

The annual wildebeest migration and zebras from Tanzania’s Serengeti in Tanzania to Kenya’s Maasai Mara is an event all wildlife enthusiasts should put at the

lions pride

Moniko pride of lions

Mar 02, 2017No Comments

On my last trip to the Maasai Mara in Kenya I visited the Olare Orak Conservancy, while there I had the experience of a close

gorillas in the mist

Gorillas In The Mist

Feb 15, 2017No Comments

Seeing mountain gorillas in the wild is an experience right at the top of my list. A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity