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galapagos island wildlife

Galápagos Islands Wildlife

Apr 05, 2017No Comments

When touring South America make sure you include Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands on your bucket list.  The Galápagos Islands is a group of 14 islands

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, South America

Mar 21, 2017No Comments

The first Island on our itinerary was Santa Cruz Island. We arrived on the island by tender craft launched from the expedition cruise ship MV

danube river cruise

European River Cruising From Amsterdam

Jan 16, 20171 Comment

Any retiree will tell you they’ve either been themselves or they know someone who has gone on a river cruise in Europe. River cruising has

cruise packages

Cruising a Great Way To See The World

Jan 15, 2017No Comments

Up until a few years ago, I was adamant that I hated cruising. To me, being stuck on a ship with several thousands of other

Antarctic Animals – Gold Harbour Sout...

Dec 15, 2016No Comments

When I was a small boy I became fascinated with the frozen continent of Antarctica. I had read many stories of the explorers Sir Douglas

Grytviken South Georgia, Earnest Shackleton...

Dec 06, 2016No Comments

After leaving Stromness Harbour the ship cruised south, heading for Cumberland Bay and our next shore landing at Grytviken. As the ship entered Cumberland Bay

Antarctic Peninsula Cruise

Antarctic Peninsula Cruise

Dec 01, 2016No Comments

The Antarctic Peninsula Itinerary: Ushuaia – Falkland Island – South Georgia – Antarctic Peninsula – Ushuaia Total Distance: 3,419 Nautical Miles / 6,332 kilometers After

st petersburg cruise

European River Cruising Moscow To St Peters...

Jun 16, 2015No Comments

Russia has so much to offer when it comes to river cruising. When I think about Russia, two great cities immediately come to mind, Moscow

national seniors travel

5 ways for seniors to see the world

Jun 16, 2015No Comments

Hop on an aeroplane, take a bus tour or go on a cruise. From ticking famous landmarks in Australia off your bucket list to cruising