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5 ways for seniors to see the world

Hop on an airplane, take a bus tour or go on a cruise. Here are some of the popular travel experiences for seniors.


1-River cruising

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River cruising has become a popular way for senior travellers to see the world. Most river cruise ships carry around 200 passengers and offer itineraries that suit mature travellers. Booking a Danube river cruise will most likely give you the chance to meet people around your age, possibly with similar tastes in music, food or entertainment.

River cruising in Europe offers marvelous scenery and plenty of organized shore excursions along the way. Of all the river cruising destinations, a Danube river cruise is at the top of the list of many mature travellers, especially if you love culture and have a hankering to visit Europe.

2-Train travel tour

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Next on the list is train travel. Train travel is a bit like time travel as it’s a nostalgic way to travel and sometimes being on a train can make you feel like you are traveling back in time. Riding an old-fashioned train is nostalgic, right? I’m pretty sure it will bring make memories of the good old times.

How could you possibly forget the moment when the conductor shouted, “All aboard!” and you kissed your lover just before the train left all those years ago? Popular train journeys include the Orient Express, Rocky Mountaineer and The Ghan.

3-Soft adventure

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Village walk, Uganda

Have you ever thought about doing something out of your comfort zone? A soft adventure is a great option.

Many of the world’s most popular destinations have tours that cater for various fitness levels. Going on a hiking tour or a kayaking tour is a great way to breathe fresh air and recharge your batteries.

And if you think you’re not fit enough, booking an adventure holiday could be a good reason to get fit.

4-Bus tour

bus srilanka village pottery

A guided bus tour is great if you want to sit back, enjoy the scenery and have your holiday organized for you.

The right tour can be a lot of fun as you’ll meet new friends and explore new parts of the world with them.

Of course the negatives are you’ll be spending a lot of time in a bus and your itinerary is likely to be less flexible than if you were touring around on your own.

5-Grey nomad

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Are you one of the thousands of grey nomads who are exploring in a caravan, motorhome, campervan or camper trailer?

The freedom of stopping wherever and whenever you like is extremely tempting and while I’ve never really been tempted to just pack up and go I know so many people who absolutely love the lifestyle.

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