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European River Cruising Moscow To St Petersburg

June 16, 2015

Russia has so much to offer when it comes to river cruising. When I think about Russia, two great cities immediately come to mind, Moscow and St Petersburg. Fortunately, you can visit both and cruise pretty much most of the way between the two.

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River cruising in Russia

Cruising between Moscow and St Petersburg offers visitors a chance to see the Russian countryside. The cruise passes through rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs. And at either end of your journey, there’s plenty to see in both cities.

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Moscow is home to the famous Red Square, Kremlin, Tretyakov Gallery and the Bolshoi ballet.

Uglich has beautiful monasteries, churches, museums and cathedrals. The waterways pass through towns like Kostrama, which has lovely countryside, Ipatyevsky Monastery and Yaroslavl.

The ship cruises past farm land and villages such as Goritsky, along the Sheksna River, and Kizhi Island where the open-air Museum of Architecture is a sight to behold.

St Petersburg

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St Petersburg is a gem of a city. You could spend a whole week visiting museums and wandering around admiring the architecture. St Petersburg is home to the Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, Peterhof and the Mariinsky Theatre.

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Local villages

Cruise itineraries are usually packed. There are daily shore excursions and onboard educational sessions. You’ll probably learn a few Russian phrases, which you can practice speaking at local villages while shopping for handicrafts.

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Most river cruising ships provide meals, either buffet style or table service. And as you cruise through Russia drinking vodka and feasting on Russian-style meals you’ll be entertained by local singers and musicians playing the balalaika or the bayan (a type of chromatic button accordion).

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Going on a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg is a memorable way to experience the rich history and culture of this unique and mysterious country – Russia.

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