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galapagos island wildlife

Galápagos Islands Wildlife

When touring South America make sure you include Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands on your bucket list.  The Galápagos Islands is a group of 14 islands 1,000 km west of the coast of Ecuador.  In 1978 the Galápagos Islands were one of the first groups of islands to be added to the World Heritage list.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

The wildlife in the Galapagos is quite unique and a great attraction to naturalists and animal lovers from around the world.

The most amazing observation is the total lack of fear or concern the animals and bird life have for humans.

It is not a matter of them moving out of your way they expect you to move out of theirs.

galápagos islands

galápagos islands

Testimony to this, was when we alighted from our tender craft onto the beach there was a female fur seal basking in the sun, she hardly acknowledged our existence, merely opened an eye to observe these strange creatures stumbling their way through the sand.

galápagos islands

galápagos islands

galápagos islands

Amazing encounters

On another occasion I was walking down a narrow path and was confronted with a large Waved Albatross coming the other way. It was obvious she was not about to stop or move aside, she just kept coming. It was me that had to step aside.

darwin galapagos

darwin galapagos

Human reaction was common with all animals and birds we came in close contact with. To be able to walk amongst nesting birds, including the beautifully plumed Frigate Birds along with Boobies, Seals and Iguanas without them panicking and flying away, was quite special. Hopefully this relationship is maintained forever.

charles darwin galapagos

The Galapagos Island is the home for large number and variety of reptiles and birdlife.  These include Giant Tortoises, Marine Iguanas, Lava Lizards, Green and Hawksbill Turtles, Galapagos Fur Seals, Galapagos Penguins, Blue and Red footed Boobies, the magnificent Frigate Birds, Waved and Black-Browed Albatross to name but a few.

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