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train travel

Train travel

Nothing beats travelling the old-fashioned way. I love trains. For me, train journeys are a front-row seat to the world’s most beautiful places. I love the sound of the train chugging along the rails and the wind ruffling my hair while leaning over the rails on the outdoor observation carriage. There’s something calming about sitting in a train and staring out the window, gazing at the scenery. The nostalgia that comes with the train ride is definitely appealing. So next time you’re planning a trip, take a tip and travel by train.

Here are my picks.

Train Journeys

1-Rocky Mountaineer Railway, Canada

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The Rocky Mountaineer traverses the dramatic Canadian Rockies from Vancouver to Calgary. The trip lasts for two days and passes snowcapped peaks and rivers. It goes down the Continental Divide to Banff National Park. Travellers who seek to experience historical adventure should definitely consider this train journey.

2-The Ghan, Australia

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Be prepared for a big trip aboard the legendary Ghan train deep into the heart of Australia. The Ghan is an iconic train journey and you can enjoy it in style in a private cabin. The food is wonderful and the scenery through the middle of Australia has a rather stark kind of beauty.

3-Venice Simplon Orient-Express, Europe

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The Orient Express is mysterious and exotic. Throughout history, it has been a top choice of aristocrats, royalty, spies, film stars and famous writers. The train is composed of original 1920s and 30s European carriages that are lovingly restored to their original elegance and grandeur.

4-The Blue Train, South Africa

By day you glide past waterfalls, bright sunflower farms and flocks of wild ostrich and make a stop at the diamond mines of Kimberley and at night, you watch the moon rise over the desert lands of the Karoo. The following dawn you find yourself lost in the world’s finest vineyards. To top it all off, your train is marble-tiled, has gold-plumbed bathrooms and has gourmet dining. The train travels between Pretoria and Cape Town, South Africa.

5-Bernina Express

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The Bernina Express takes you from Davos, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy. At around 20mph, the Bernina Express is probably one of the slowest trains around but you won’t want to go fast as you pass through the Alps. The views from the glass-roofed panorama car are eye popping.

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