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Travel Insurance for Seniors

October 31, 2020

Travel and adventures are always exciting!

However, whether you will have a relaxing weekend break or your trip of a lifetime, get a travel insurance first— especially when you are a senior. It is not as daunting as you thought it would be.

It is perceived that the older a person gets… the higher risk of injury or sickness. Hence, it is absolutely essential to get better coverage even if it is expensive. The question that naturally follows is: what is the best insurance for seniors?

We all know that knowing which travel insurance to pick can be a little confusing since there are many policies out there that it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re covered for. Well, there are important things to consider before purchasing an insurance plan.


Generally, these are the

(1) senior’s overall health condition

(2) activities they prefer during their cruise or travel and

(3) the length of the said cruise or travel

Aside from these three factors, there are some things to look for when choosing a policy.

First, it’s not all about cost.

For most people, the most important thing to consider is cost but be careful if you’re simply searching for the cheapest policy. As is so often the case with travel insurance you really get what you pay for. The cheapest policies may not give you cover that fits your cruise plans or personal circumstances.


Second, you should search for a travel insurance that gives you good medical cover. We are not asking for you to need that travel insurance but it is all about securing yourself and accepting that you have to consider all possibilities.

The price varies from one travel insurance to another and it also depends whether you’re coming to the UK, Australia, Canada or US.


Travel insurance in UK would normally range from 200 to 1000 pounds and $100-1000 for Australia, Canada or US. There are many price comparison websites available right now. Some of these are Chartis Travel Guard Gold Plan, CSA Travel Protection, USA-Assist Worldwide Protection and Seven Corners Inbound Guest which offers comprehensive insurance for your needs.

We can safely say that for seniors, travel insurance is a MUST. The cardinal rule to follow before making an overseas journey is to buy an effective travel insurance policy so you can travel in convenience, comfort and safety.

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