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city buildings lit up and reflected in the water

20 Things To Do In Hong Kong At Night

October 31, 2022

Hong Kong is a global financial centre and a city with the most skyscrapers in the world – more than New York and Dubai combined. What makes Hong Kong a must-visit is its unique blend of culture and history in a cosmopolitan and modern setting.

If you want to get a dose of Hong Kong’s history and culture, the best place to start is the fascinating museums and cultural shows of Hong Kong. Improve your knowledge about the city’s maritime history at Hong Kong Maritime Museum, learn about traditional and contemporary art at the Hong Kong Museum of Art or the M+, and watch a performance by artists in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. You might also enjoy visiting some quirky museums like the Cup Noodles Museum or about jellyfish at the Cube O Discovery Park.

Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate, with temperatures not going too high or too low throughout the year. So there is something to do in Hong Kong all year round. If you are a foodie like me, there is a range of food options from Michelin-starred restaurants to authentic Hong Kong street food, always a short ride away.

Shopping in Hong Kong is a highlight as the city is known for luxury brands or you might also enjoy hunting for a bargain in a local shop. You can find a variety of niche and boutique designers and fashion labels too. From going out into nature and experiencing the gentle ocean breeze, indulging yourself in art or culture, to shopping, here are the things to do in Hong Kong at night

Hong Kong At Night

20 Things To Do In Hong Kong At Night

1- Watch Symphony Of Lights From A Vantage Point In The Harbour

city buildings lit up and reflected in the water

Symphony of Lights Show and Hong Kong Island at night.

“A Symphony of Lights” is the largest permanent sound and light show anywhere in the world, an audiovisual feast for the eyes that happens daily in Victoria Habour.

42 buildings and two attractions participate in this symphony of lights, sounds and narration that represents the soul and diversity of Hong Kong and the spirit of its people.

This nightly spectacle has many vantage points, such as the Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront (in front of Hong Kong Cultural Centre) and Golden Bauhinia Square in Wanchai.

You can also watch this beautiful display from sightseeing ferries on the Victoria Harbour or onboard the AquaLuna cruise.

Symphony of Lights is staged in Victoria Harbour every night at 8 pm. No admission ticket is required.

2- Walk On The Avenue Of Stars In Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui night buildings

Tsim SHA Tsui at night in the Hong Kong downtown area.

Avenue of Stars is a waterfront walking promenade that overlooks Victoria Harbour in Kowloon.

The promenade is famous for its sweeping views of skyscrapers and Hong Kong Island.

The promenade’s walkway is famous for more than a hundred handprints of famous personalities and movie stars set into the wooden handrails.

You can also check each star’s biography and their selected movie clips by scanning the QR code next to their handprint.

Avenue of Stars is also a popular vantage point for watching the nightly spectacle Symphony Of Lights in the Victoria Harbour and is adjacent to Hong Kong Museum of Art and Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Avenue of Stars is in Tsim Sha Tsui and is open 24 hours. No admission ticket is required.

3- Sail Through Victoria Harbour In AquaLuna Evening Sail

One of the best ways to view the magnificent illuminated skyline of Hong Kong is to go on the AquaLuna Evening Sail.

Board the boat for a 45

aqualuna's red sails with hong kong skyline in the background

Victoria Harbour with the Aqualuna junk ship at night in Hong Kong.

Explore Victoria Harbour on a 45-minute cruise tour, which starts from Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier 1 or Central Pier 9, and cruise across the Victoria Harbour in the Red Sail or the Dragon Sail. 

Once you board the AquaLuna, you will be treated to a welcome drink.

Apart from the Evening Harbour Cruise, you can also enjoy the beautiful cityscape of Hong Kong by choosing one of the dinner cruises or enjoying the Symphony of Lights aboard the Symphony of Lights cruise. Ticket prices vary according to the type of cruise.

AquaLuna Cruises start from Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier 1 or Central Pier 9

  • AquaLuna Harbour Cruise: 5.30pm and 5.45pm /6.30pm and 6:45pm Sunset Cruise 8:30pm and 8:45pm
  • Symphony of Lights Cruise: 7:30pm and 7:45pm
  • Symphony of Lights Dinner and Cruise: 5:30pm to 8:30pm, 7:30pm to late night

Book your tickets for AquaLuna Evening Sail here

4- Enjoy Hong Kong’s Roof Top Bars And Restaurants

Skyscrapers along Vic Harbour

Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong at night

Hong Kong has an amazing array of world-class clubs, bars and restaurants.

One of the fun ways to spend the evening in Hong Kong is to lounge in a rooftop bar or restaurant above the city.

You can enjoy the stunning views of the city’s famed skyline – and the Victoria harbour if you are lucky, all while enjoying the cool sea breeze and a nice cocktail in your hand.

Whether you are looking for a romantic evening with your partner, a night out with kids, a family get together, or want to explore alone, you will surely find a rooftop bar or restaurant that suits your mood and vibe.

Book your table in advance at any of the rooftop bars or restaurants to ensure the table with the perfect view

5- Visit The Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck After Sunset

Sky100 Hong Kong is an indoor observation deck situated on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre, the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong and the 13th tallest building in the world.

The indoor observation deck offers panoramic views.

You can explore Hong Kong’s amazing nighttime skyline and also view the sunset if you select the correct entry time.

The observation deck also has screens that show Hong Kong’s cityscape on clear, sunny days.

There are advanced telescopes placed in vantage points using which you can use to view prominent landmarks in the city.

You can also see pre-recorded night scenes, including the fireworks display during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Sky100 is on the 100th floor of the ICC, Kowloon and is open till 9 pm from Monday to Thursday and till 10.30 pm from Friday to Sunday.
Book your tickets for Sky100 here

6- Enjoy A Ride On The Peak Tram To Victoria Peak

hong kong glitters from the peak

Night view of Hong Kong seen from Victoria Peak.

The Peak Tram is one of the favourite experiences for visitors to Hong Kong, starting from Central on Hong Kong Island up to Victoria Peak.

One of the world’s oldest trams and most popular funicular railways, it rises to 396 m (about 1,300 feet) from sea level in just a few minutes.

Watching the skyscrapers while travelling on Peak Tram causes an illusion making the buildings look like they are leaning in the sky and making for a fun picture!

The Peak tower, located at the top of the Peak, is home to many restaurants, shops and entertainment venues which can keep you entertained for hours.

The Peak Tram Lower Terminus is located at 33 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong, and is operational till 10 pm daily.

Book your Peak Tram tickets here

7- Visit Victoria Peak After Sunset For A Glittering City View

Victoria Peak (also known as Austin Peak or The Peak) is the highest hill in Hong Kong.

There are many ways to reach The Peak, but the Peak Tram gives the most amazing views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline.

The highest point of Victoria peak has some of the best views of Central Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour and nearby islands.

Watching the sunset from the peak is an experience in itself and the skyline looks even more beautiful and glittery after the sun goes down.

The Peak also has two leisure shopping and entertainment centres – Peak Galleria and Peak Tower and a Chinese-style garden.

Victoria Peak is open 24 hours by private transport, but buses operate till midnight.

Book your tours at the Victoria Peak here

8- Visit Madam Tussauds Wax Museum

Madam Tussauds is a world-renowned wax museum at the Victoria Peak Tower showcasing life-size wax replicas of famous Asian and international celebrities.

The personalities in the museum are featured in themed settings like Music Icons, Hong Kong Glamour, The Champions and World Premiere and celebrities are selected from a range of fields, from sports to films to music to politics and more.

Madam Tussauds is located in The Peak Tower on Victoria Peak and is open till 8 pm daily.

Book your tickets for Madam Tussauds here

9- Get Tricked At The Trick Eye Museum

The Hong Kong Trick Eye Museum features paintings on plain surfaces that appear to become three-dimensional through the use of optical illusion.

The museum has around 50 optical illusions set in five distinct themed zones, each challenging the way we perceive things around us and tricking us into believing the illusion.

The museum is an enjoyable experience with loads of funny camera angles and instagrammable illusions.

Hong Kong Trick Eye Museum is located in The Peak Tower on Victoria Peak and is open till 8 pm daily.

Check out Trick Eye Museum here

10- Go on a ride on Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Hong Kong Observation Wheel is on the iconic Central Harbourfront on Hong Kong Island.

The ferris wheel is 60 m high, and a 15-minute ride in the gondola offers fantastic views of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island and Tsim Sha Tsui.

The AIA Vitality Park also has wellness-themed activities, classes and other attractions for adults and children.

Observation Wheel is located adjacent to Central Pier 9 and 10, Hong Kong Island and is open till 10 pm from Monday to Thursday, and till 11 pm from Friday to Sunday.

Book your tickets for the Observation Wheel here

11- Watch A Cultural Programme At Hong Kong Cultural Center

If you are interested in cultural activities in Hong Kong, you must check out the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui, adjacent to the Hong Kong Space Museum.

The centre is a versatile performance facility famous for hosting various cultural activities ranging from world-class concerts, operas, and performances.

You can visit the centre for large-scale dance and drama productions, experimental theatre, sophisticated musicals, film screenings and exhibitions.

The centre publishes a monthly event calendar on its website with the date and time for each scheduled activity which you can use to plan and attend the programme of your choice.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre is located on Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon waterfront, next to the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and is open till 11 pm daily

12- Visit Hong Kong Disneyland

disney castle

Disney castle is beautifully lit with colours in Hong Kong at night.

Disneyland Theme Park is on Lantau Island and can be easily reached using MRT or by bus.

The park is the second-largest Disneyland in Asia and has nine themed areas with exhilarating rides, live shows, Disney Characters’ parades, guided tours and other events.

There’s something to do for children who like the park for the various colourful musical shows and Disney characters walking around.

The park also has nighttime entertainment, restaurants and activities which can be enjoyed after sunset.

The park organises a daily musical parade that coincides with the park’s closing time, where dazzling projection lights and music accompany Disney characters in song and dance.

Hong Kong Disneyland is on Lantau Island, and entry closes at 8 pm.
Book your tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland here

13- Chill Out In Lan Kwai Fong And SOHO Once Sun Goes Down

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Looking for things to do in Hong Kong at night?

Lan Kwai Fong, commonly referred to as LKF, and SOHO, are arguably the busiest and most popular area for partying in Hong Kong.

Locals and tourists flock to this district after sunset to enjoy the best restaurants, pubs and nightlife.

LKF and SOHO are lined with many trendy bars, high-end restaurants, art galleries and nightclubs.

LKF hosts festivals such as Halloween, Chinese New Year, Christmas and New Year while organising its own beer festival every year.

Lan Kwai Fong is on Hong Kong Island, close to the Central MRT station.
Book your tours and experiences in LKF here

14- Explore Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts

Tai Kwun is a walled compound containing a former prison, courthouse, and police station, which have now been converted into shops, restaurants, bars, exhibit spaces, and immersive historical experiences.

Explore this compound and learn about Hong Kong’s past through storytelling spaces that use modern technology — LED video screens, projected moving silhouettes and audio recordings.

Many independent artisanal retailers can also sell various unique items such as terrariums, colourful coffee-table books, artistic objects and some offbeat hands-on workshops.

Edwardian and Victorian-style architecture of the buildings will remind you of the time Hong Kong was under the British.

Many high-end restaurants and bars can be found here.

Tai Kwun is located on Hong Kong Island, close to the Central MRT station and beside SOHO.

Book Tai Kwun Private Tour here

15- Go On A Victoria Habour Night Tour

Hong Kong skyline at night from the water

Night view of Hong Kong seen from Victoria Harbor.

Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong’s South China Sea is one of the world’s largest marine ports and one of the most popular and visited tourist places.

The harbour separates Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.

The Symphony of Lights daily show adds to the splendour and charm to an already dazzling view of neon-lit skyscrapers, and the night cruises are highly sought after by visitors and locals alike.

The Star Ferry Service offers a one-hour cruise around Victoria Harbour, including stops at Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier, Central Pier No.7 and Wanchai Pier.

The cruise ride offers picturesque and dazzling views of the Hong Kong skyline and is popular as one of Hong Kong’s best value-for-money sightseeing trips.

Victoria Harbour cruise starts from Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier and Centra Pier No. 7.

Book tickets for Victor Harbour cruise here

16- Buy Souvenirs In Temple Street Night Market Or Ladies Street After Sunset

Typical street market in Hong Kong

A typical street market in Hong Kong at night.

This bustling night market in Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the busiest flea markets in Hong Kong.

This market is also known as “Men’s Market” due to the variety of cheap men’s clothing and other items on sale here.

This lively street market sells a variety of antiques and souvenirs such as old Chinese coins, jade items, tea ware and other trinkets and paraphernalia.

You can also find a variety of neon sign boards, street food vendors, Cantonese opera singers and fortune tellers on every corner, portraying a perfect scene of Hong Kong’s street culture.

A short distance from the Temple Street Night Market is the “Ladies’ Market, ” another flea market where you can find many shops selling lady’s items.

Temple Street Night Market is a short walk from Jordan MTR station, and Ladies Market is a short walk from Yau Ma Tei MTR station, both open till 11 pm daily.

Book your tour for Temple Street Night Market here

17- Tour Hong Kong’s Family Friendly Spots With A Private Local Guide

Observation Wheel

The Observation Wheel in Hong Kong at night.

Embark on a half a day journey to explore the kid-friendly places in Hong Kong with a local guide.

Visit and engage in kid-friendly and exciting activities such as a popular local kid’s park, an authentic Chinese restaurant with a kid-friendly menu, malls with things to do for kids, nearby islands and beaches.

Private Tour with a local guide lasts for around six hours ending with dinner.
Book your private tour here

18- Explore Hong Kong Space Museum

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, Hong Kong Space Museum is an egg-shaped theatre dome that is a must-visit for kids and adults who love space, science and astronomy.

The museum is the perfect place to learn about our solar system, galaxy and cosmic phenomenon in the universe.

It’s popularly known for having the first Omnimax projection system in the eastern hemisphere.

The Space Theatre is also the first planetarium in the world to possess a fully automated audiovisual computer system for projecting sky shows.

The museum also has permanent exhibits, workshops, lectures and shows related to various astronomical events.

Hong Kong Space Museum is a short walk from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station and is open till 9 pm daily

19- Explore PMQ Hong Kong

clock tower lit up

Night view Old Clock Tower in Hong Kong at night

PMQ stands for Police Married Quarters and is a historical building in a creative design hub on Aberdeen Street in Hong Kong’s Central district.

The building was once a college, later used as the official residence of Hong Kong police personnel, and now renovated to become a creative and artistic hub for new age and boutique designers.

You can find some unique art galleries, experimental restaurants, design studios, jewellery stores, and flea markets here.

Frequented by Hong Kong’s elite and tourists alike, PMQ is close to SOHO, Gough street and many other places in Central Hong Kong.

PMQ is a short walk from Sheung Wan station and is open till 11 pm daily

20- Watch The Fireworks On Chinese New Year

fireworks over the water

Chinese New Year is a great time to see fireworks in Hong Kong at night.

Chinese New Year is the mos popular holiday in Hong Kong.

The new year holidays are celebrated in February yearly according to the Chinese Lunar calendar and mark the beginning of spring.

The Lunar New Year’s first day is celebrated by a special Night Parade, while the evening of the second day is when the extremely popular Fireworks Show takes place.

The Fireworks Show in Victoria Harbour is one of the most glamorous and photographed events in Hong Kong.

The sight of multi-coloured fireworks painting the night sky is truly a sight to behold.

You can watch the Fireworks Display from the Victoria Harbour, AquaLuna cruise, Ferry, and Sky100 observation dec at 8 pm. The parade starts at Hong Kong Cultural Centre at 8 pm.

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