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best cities to visit in europe

Best Cities To Visit In Europe For Senior Travellers

November 5, 2020

Europe is an endless tapestry of colourful cultures, jaw-dropping discoveries and soulful escapades. A stunning landmass bursting with lively cities, spectacular wildlife and immersive moments, this is a continent packed with lots of experiences for the mature traveller. Whatever you want to do – be it rambling, traversing, hiking, trekking or maybe simply wandering – Europe comes with a dash of adventure to astound every nomad’s heart.

Every globetrotter knows that some holiday destinations resonate with certain age groups more than any other. And if you’re lounging through your silver years, the chances are that Europe is certainly near the top of your bucket list. The continent’s stunning cities are where you can enjoy spoonfuls of the world’s most envied experiences – from historic architecture and culture-rich highlights to breathtaking scenery and blissful getaways.

6 Best Cities To Visit in Europe For Senior Travellers

1- Barcelona


Barcelona is one of the best cities in Europe to visit if you like art and architecture.

Riddled with captivating sights and vibrant energy, Barcelona is Spain’s second city and the capital of Catalonia.

This is a patchwork of unending urban beauty, a gorgeous escape that exudes limitless inspiration as far as the eye can see.

The city boasts many stunning works of art from mighty architectural monuments down to chic pieces painted on streets and sidewalks.

Travelling here is not just enjoyable, it’s also easy as nearly a quarter of the natives speak English.

The country has excellent transport links and is even home to hundreds of expatriates from across the continent.

Barcelona is the perfect spot for mature travellers looking to soak up some Spanish culture, gorge on local cuisine or revel in some nightlife love. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, the city sports great shopping centres and a selection of irresistible beaches for you to dive in.

For more Spain-related travel tips, head over to Ben Groundwater’s The One Thing blog on 1Cover.

2- Rome


Rome is one of the best cities to visit in Europe if you love ancient history.

Ancient, awe-inspiring and majestic, Rome is a city often associated with medieval beauty and rich heritage.

This is a metropolis deeply rooted in history, sporting visions of grand buildings and lofty ruins. And no matter what part of the city you roam, you’ll be overwhelmed by the world-famous attractions, wonderful sights, friendly locals and a lesson in history that you’ll never forget.

This is where you can visit iconic tourist stops such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon, or spend time admiring the countless architectural wonders that vie for your attention everywhere you look.

3- Berlin

berlin at night

Berlin is one of the best European cities for nightlife.

Berlin will hold plenty of appeal for the seasoned traveller.

A beautifully laid out medley of merry neighbourhoods, energetic vibes and irresistible artwork, this is a destination of alluring beauty and culture like no other.

The city is also one of the easiest in Europe for travelling.

The roads and transport links are excellent and are perfectly designed for traversing and touring to your heart’s content.

Berlin is a sweet escape for mature travellers looking to appreciate a laid-back vacation in style. The city boasts countless historic museums, glorious flowering parks and a handful of attractive lakeside and canalside getaways. And whether you’re hunting world-famous monuments, delectable German dishes or unusual city experiences, this is one place you’ll wish you’ll never have to leave.

4- Mykonos


Mykonos is one of the best European cities for a relaxing holiday.

A lovely little coastal city in Greece, Mykonos is truly a slice of heaven on earth. Picture-perfect beaches and crystal clear waters lure in travellers from around the world while gourmet restaurants and little pockets of wildlife lie scattered throughout the area.

The city itself is a beautiful labyrinth of winding roads and quaint attractions with camera-ready scenes around every corner.

Mykonos is also home to countless historic sites such as Little Venice, making it one of the most beloved and carefully preserved destinations in the country.

5- Porto

best cities to visit in europe - Porto

Porto is one of the best cities in Europe to visit for food and culture.

The heart-stealing city of Porto is not just one of Europe’s top-rated destinations, it’s also one of the most deliciously unique experiences on the planet.

A stunning collection of ancient monuments, heavenly parks and quaint streets come together to create an extraordinary holiday city like no other.

Porto is a beloved stop for all savvy travellers and wine lovers – the wine cellars here are an unmissable treat, as is the Instagram-worthy scenery that beckons on every street corner.

Porto is a great vacation choice for older travellers. The prices here are much lower than most other European cities and you’re always sure to find traditional festivals, decent golfing and fantastic coastlines close by, no matter where you are in the city. You’ll also find that most locals favour speaking English to Portuguese, making your travel experience all the better.

6- Zagreb

Sometimes a dose of adventure off the beaten track is exactly what you need to remain vigorous. Tucked away between Eastern and Central Europe for over a millennium, Zagreb is a charming city that steals away tourist hearts at first glance.

Being the capital of Croatia, this city boasts a number of ancient attractions including courtyards, galleries and museums waiting to be explored.

As the city is relatively small, you can visit all its major landmarks easily and without much walking.

You’ll find a number of great restaurants where you can try out some authentic Croatian cuisine and a handful of beautiful forests and parks where you can unwind in peace.

You’ll also experience some interesting cultural highlights while touring here, such as the Changing of the Guard and interactive theatre nights.  


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