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Best Seniors Travel Destinations in the USA

August 24, 2017

Traveling as a senior improves your health and it increases your lifespan. Remember, the best time to visit all the places you have always wanted to visit is after retirement. Choosing the right place might be a bit confusing because you have several choices. Here are some of the best senior trip ideas for a vacation in the US. If you are wondering where to go as a senior, these are the spots that offer you comfort, relaxation and accessibility.

1- Cleveland

Cleveland is the self-anointed capital of Rock n Roll. It is one of the best places that you can visit in the US as a couple or as a single person. The metropolitan area is a particularly perfect haven for the seniors travel.

Here, you will spend time visiting the museums where you can look at artistic and cultural exhibits. You can visit the Downtown Playhouse Square, which is the second largest theatre complex in the US if you are into music.

It has ballet, dance, and theatrical performances. Most of the bars play the best rock music. That will keep you entertained throughout the night as you mingle with the wonderful residents of Cleveland.

2- Hawaii

hawaii beach

Hawaii is a suitable destination if you are into international travel, but you want to stay within US borders. Visiting Hawaii means that you do not have to fly halfway around the world, but you can still enjoy a very different culture and weather environment than the one that is present in your community. The best thing about taking your vacation in Hawaii is that it has the best cruise deals in the world.

3- Williamsburg, Virginia

williamsburg usa

If you are into golfing, visiting museums, or even shopping, then Williamsburg is your perfect destination. This city has highly affordable hotels giving you an opportunity to cut costs by offering discounted transport for seniors.

If you want to enjoy maximum comfort, then consider visiting off-season when tourist numbers are a bit low. At this time, you will get a room with your own kitchenette or even a fridge where you can save on food expenses.

4- Jekyll Island, Georgia

The Jekyll Island in Georgia is another great destination for seniors holidays. It offers great vacation experiences for retirees such as biking, fishing, golfing, tennis, dancing, and it has beautiful beaches. If you are a couple, then you can visit the Grand Hotel that offers ballroom dancing.

5- Nashville, Tennessee

nashville usa

Nashville is a perfect destination when you want to explore art and history. Here, you will spend the day exploring the Johnny Cash Museum, which has lyrics handwritten by Johnny Cash. You can also see the Martin Guitar.

After that, you can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and that is where you will know that Tennessee is the birthplace of country music in the USA. Nashville also has many cuisines that you can enjoy ranging from handmade pasta and pork belly salad to hot sweet bread. Accommodation is not a problem because you can negotiate for discounts at your hotel if you stay there for several days.

6- Sedona, Arizona

sedona usa

Sedona is a convenient location because it has an efficient transport system. That means you can get to it easily from many U.S cities. More importantly, this city is rich in multi-hued red rock formations that change color depending on weather conditions. The region has a mild climate that makes it suitable for outdoor activities. If you are into nature walks, bird watching, or jeep tours, then Sedona is your best holiday destination.

7- Highway 1, California

big sur usa

Bixby Bridge Big Sur

If you are into driving, then spending your holiday traveling on Highway 1, which is along the Californian coastline, is an excellent idea. However, you should be in good physical health before you attempt this kind of drive. You can also go on this holiday with a family member who is a young adult.

Remember, Highway 1 is one of the world’s most spectacular drives. The drive features gorgeous inns and resorts located on the beachfront. You can also head to San Francisco before going all the way to Mendocino and beyond.

8- Key West, Florida

For someone who loves water sports activities, there is no better place for a vacation than Key West in Florida. Whether you are looking for relaxation or you want to be active, Key West is the place for you. While here, you can embark on a cruise sailing at sunset or you can watch the sun go down as you relax on the beach. You can even spend your days in the Dry Tortugas National Park where you can enjoy Cuban-inspired cuisine or go for snorkeling.

9- Alaska Cruise

Alaska is the best destination if you need to take a break far away. Here, you will enjoy hiking as you watch bald eagles soar through the skies. You will also have an opportunity to paddle alongside otters and whales.

If you want to relax, you can just take a cruise. You can enjoy the weather as you watch beautiful waterfalls. Moreover, you can also enjoy the best of Alaskan cuisine while you are on your cruise. Going on vacation to Alaska gives you an opportunity to surround yourself with the beautiful wilderness in addition to a beautiful landscape. Additionally, it increases your chances of viewing the Alaskan wildlife.

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