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city buildings lit up and reflected in the water

20 Things To Do In Hong Kong At Night

Oct 31, 2022No Comments

Hong Kong is a global financial centre and a city with the most skyscrapers in the world – more than New York and Dubai combined. What makes Hong Kong a must-visit is its unique blend of

St. Pauls a tnight

38 Famous London Landmarks

Jun 10, 2021No Comments

London is a great city to visit. There are many landmarks in London that you can see and enjoy during your stay in the English capital. From Big Ben, the London Eye and the halls of

famous landmark in australia

20 Famous Landmarks In Australia

Nov 20, 2020No Comments

If Australia was not a continent, it would be the world’s largest island. Four times larger than the biggest island in the world (Greenland), Australia is the world’s smallest continent. Surrounded by water, this country may

Tombstone Territorial Park

3 Best Hiking Trails – Tombstone Terr...

Nov 13, 2020No Comments

The world-famous Tombstone Territorial Park in Yukon is in and around the Ogilvie Mountain Range, north of Dawson City. The Park has always been a part of traditional lands of the Inuit and the First Nation

best cities to visit in europe

Best Cities To Visit In Europe For Senior T...

Nov 05, 20201 Comment

Europe is an endless tapestry of colourful cultures, jaw-dropping discoveries and soulful escapades. A stunning landmass bursting with lively cities, spectacular wildlife and immersive moments, this is a continent packed with lots of experiences for the

things to do in melbourne

Things To Do In Melbourne

Nov 04, 2020No Comments

Some people say that Melbourne is Australia’s most European city. Victoria’s capital is sophisticated and stylish. Its hidden laneways and grand arcades are packed with shops, bars, restaurants and plenty on the cultural calendar. There are


Things to do in Whitehorse

Nov 03, 2020No Comments

The capital city of Yukon, Whitehorse offers access to one of the world’s most pristine wilderness while still enjoying the delights of a modern metropolis. Whitehorse is northern Canada’s largest city. What will make your trip


Travel Insurance for Seniors

Oct 31, 2020No Comments

Travel and adventures are always exciting! However, whether you will have a relaxing weekend break or your trip of a lifetime, get a travel insurance first— especially when you are a senior. It is not as

Nairobi giraffe center

Nairobi Wildlife Experiences – Elepha...

Nov 19, 2017No Comments

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and is the main travel, business, diplomatic and cultural hub for Eastern Africa. It is also known as United Nation’s fourth “World Center”. As a traveller, your first impressions of Nairobi

what to pack

How and What to Pack When Travelling

Oct 21, 2017No Comments

When you travel, it can be difficult to decide what to pack and what to leave at home. It could take hours to properly pack and organise your suitcase for your trip! However, it doesn’t need