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wolf rock

Wolf Rock – diving with Grey Nurse Sharks

Wolf Rock is a group of four volcanic pinnacles located near Rainbow Beach and approximately 2km NE of Double Island Point on the east coast of Queensland. Wolf Rock is also located within the Great Sandy Marine Park and therefore all marine animals and flora are protected.



Diving at Wolf Rock always guarantees divers a fantastic close-up experience with these beautiful streamlined marine animals. The Grey Nurse shark happens to be one of my favorites. Unfortunately on the day chosen for this dive the water was quite cloudy and made viewing a little more difficult than on other occasions.

On entering the water the divers were elated for irrespective of the cloudy water the Grey Nurse Sharks seemed unaffected and were there in large numbers. They were soon amongst them swimming close by their sides and taking loads of video footage and still photos. During the dive the divers had an unexpected visit by two magnificent Australian Leopard Sharks.


Along with Grey Nurse Sharks and Leopard Sharks, other marine animals that can be found in the Wolf Rock Great Sandy Marine Park include Giant Gropers, Mantra Rays, Eagle Rays, bull rays, turtles and humpback whales in season (when they are on their way back to Antarctica). Other marine creatures that proliferate include nudibranchs, anemone fish, octopus, batfish and moray eels to name a few.


Wolf Rock is also considered one of Australia’s top ten diving destinations with vertical gutters, overhanging ledges and opportunities for multi-level dives a great attraction for experienced divers.

Video clips for this video were provided by DiveCareDare Marine Videographer, Tony Isaacson – Tony is also a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, AWARE Shark Conservation Specialist, Diving Naturalist and Adventurist.

After 50 years in the Television Broadcasting Industry I retired in 2012 to enter the frightening and foreign world of the internet and social media.

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